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And plenty makes us poor

"And plenty makes us poor"

- John Dryden

About this Quote

In this quote by John Dryden, he introduces an extensive perspective on wealth and poverty. The expression "And plenty makes us poor" offers a thought-provoking interpretation. It recommends that an abundance of product belongings often leads to a sense of spiritual and emotional impoverishment or dissatisfaction. Dryden might be reviewing the prospective harmful impacts of wealth when it becomes the sole focus of one's life. He implies that excessive accessory to material possessions can blind individuals to the deeper meaning and satisfaction discovered in relationships, individual development, and the pursuit of understanding. In essence, Dryden advises us that true wealth lies not in what we have however in how we nurture our souls and find satisfaction beyond material abundance.

About the Author

John Dryden This quote is written / told by John Dryden between August 9, 1631 and May 12, 1700. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 48 other quotes.

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