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As a writer, Ive always been interested in others

"As a writer, I've always been interested in others"

- Antonio Tabucchi

About this Quote

Antonio Tabucchi's quote speaks with the interest of a writer. As an author, Tabucchi is interested in exploring the lives of others, and in understanding the motivations and experiences of individuals who are various from him. He is interested in learning more about the world through the eyes of others, and in utilizing his writing to bridge the space between himself and those he is discussing. Tabucchi's quote also speaks with the power of composing to bring individuals together, to create understanding and empathy, and to help us to see the world from a various perspective. Composing can be an effective tool for getting in touch with others, and Tabucchi's quote is a tip of the importance of understanding and appreciating the lives of those around us.

About the Author

Antonio Tabucchi This quote is written / told by Antonio Tabucchi between September 23, 1943 and March 25, 2012. He was a famous Writer from Italy. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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