Famous quote by Geraldine Ferraro

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But I do think its necessary to have debates

"But I do think its necessary to have debates"

- Geraldine Ferraro

About this Quote

Geraldine Ferraro's quote suggests that she believes arguments are an important part of the democratic process. She likely believes that arguments are required for residents to make informed decisions when ballot. Arguments permit residents to speak with prospects on their positions on various issues, and to compare and contrast the various candidates. Debates also permit residents to ask concerns and get the answer from the prospects, which can assist them make more informed choices. Disputes likewise offer a platform for candidates to express their views and to challenge each other's concepts. By having debates, citizens can acquire a better understanding of the candidates and their policies, and can make more informed choices when voting.

About the Author

Geraldine Ferraro This quote is written / told by Geraldine Ferraro between August 26, 1935 and March 26, 2011. She was a famous Politician from USA. The author also have 29 other quotes.

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