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But Ive had to act and not depend on my voice so much

"But I've had to act and not depend on my voice so much"

- Samantha Mumba

About this Quote

In this quote, Samantha Mumba is expressing that she has needed to rely less on her vocal abilities and more on her actions. This could mean that she has faced challenges or challenges where her voice alone was insufficient to make a difference. It might also suggest that she has actually needed to take a more proactive method in particular situations instead of simply utilizing her words. This quote might likewise show an individual growth or modification in Mumba's life where she has found out to be more assertive and take action rather than just depending on her voice to communicate her ideas and feelings. In general, this quote highlights the significance of action and not exclusively depending on one's voice to make an effect.

About the Author

Samantha Mumba This quote is written / told by Samantha Mumba somewhere between January 18, 1983 and today. She was a famous Musician from Ireland. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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