Famous quote by Thomas Fuller

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Care and diligence bring luck

"Care and diligence bring luck"

- Thomas Fuller

About this Quote

This quote by Thomas Fuller is a pointer that effort and commitment are necessary for success. It recommends that luck is not something that is just bestowed upon us, but rather something that we must strive for and make. The quote implies that if we put in the effort and take the essential steps to accomplish our goals, then we will be rewarded with luck. It is a suggestion that we need to be proactive in our pursuits and not rely entirely on luck to get us where we want to be. It also recommends that if we are thorough and look after our responsibilities, then luck will follow. This quote is a great tip that we need to put in the effort to accomplish our goals which luck is something that we can create for ourselves.

About the Author

Thomas Fuller This quote is written / told by Thomas Fuller between June 19, 1608 and August 16, 1661. He was a famous Clergyman from England. The author also have 85 other quotes.

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