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Competing at the highest level is the greatest test of ones character

"Competing at the highest level is the greatest test of one's character"

- Russell Mark

About this Quote

This quote by Russell Mark speaks with the idea that contending at the highest level is a fantastic method to check one's character. It recommends that when we are pressed to our limits and forced to contend against the best, we are able to truly see what we are made of. It suggests that when we are put in a tight spot, our real character is exposed. It is a tip that we must make every effort to be our best selves, even when the odds protest us. It also recommends that we need to not be afraid to take threats and challenge ourselves, as this is the only way to truly grow and develop. Eventually, this quote encourages us to strive for quality and to never ever give up, even when the going gets difficult.

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This quote is written / told by Russell Mark. He/she was a famous author. The author also have 2 other quotes.

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