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Competition is a sin

"Competition is a sin"

- John D. Rockefeller

About this Quote

In this quote, John D. Rockefeller is expressing his belief that competition is a negative force. He sees it as a sin, or an ethical misbehavior, due to the fact that it promotes selfishness and greed. Rockefeller, who was an effective business person and one of the most affluent individuals in history, most likely saw competitors as a hazard to his own success and supremacy in the market. He might have also believed that competition causes dishonest practices and undermines the concepts of cooperation and partnership. In general, this quote reflects Rockefeller's point of view on the negative results of competition in both service and society.

About the Author

John D. Rockefeller This quote is written / told by John D. Rockefeller between July 8, 1839 and May 23, 1937. He was a famous Businessman from USA. The author also have 26 other quotes.

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