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Defense is superior to opulence

"Defense is superior to opulence"

- Adam Smith

About this Quote

Adam Smith's quote "Defense transcends to luxury" is a tip that security and protection are more vital than product wealth. Smith was a Scottish thinker and financial expert who is commonly considered to be the father of contemporary economics. He thought that a country's wealth must be measured by its capability to safeguard itself, rather than by its build-up of product goods. Smith argued that a country's security must be its leading priority, as it is the foundation of all other kinds of success. He thought that a country's defense should be strong enough to protect its citizens from external dangers, and that a country's wealth must be utilized to support its defense. Smith's quote is a reminder that security and protection need to be prioritized over product wealth, as it is the structure of a country's success.

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Adam Smith This quote is written / told by Adam Smith between June 5, 1723 and July 17, 1790. He was a famous Economist from Scotland. The author also have 29 other quotes.

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