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Dialect words are those terrible marks of the beast to the truly genteel

"Dialect words are those terrible marks of the beast to the truly genteel"

- Thomas Hardy

About this Quote

This quote by Thomas Hardy is a commentary on the use of dialect words in language. He is recommending that dialect words are seen as a sign of inferiority and lack of refinement by those who consider themselves to be of a higher social class. He indicates that those who are truly cultured, or well-mannered and refined, would see dialect words as a mark of the monster, or something to be prevented. This quote is a reflection of the classist mindsets that prevailed in the Victorian period, when the use of dialect words was viewed as a sign of lower social status. Hardy's quote is a pointer that language is an effective tool for revealing identity which dialect words ought to not be seen as an indication of inability.

About the Author

England Flag This quote is written / told by Thomas Hardy between June 2, 1840 and January 11, 1928. He/she was a famous Novelist from England. The author also have 33 other quotes.

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