Famous quote by John Dryden

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Even victors are by victories undone

"Even victors are by victories undone"

- John Dryden

About this Quote

This quote by John Dryden recommends that even when one is triumphant, they can still be reversed by their own success. It indicates that success can be a double-edged sword, as it can bring both favorable and unfavorable repercussions. For instance, an individual might gain popularity and fortune from their success, however they may also become conceited and overconfident, resulting in their downfall. Similarly, an individual may get power and impact from their triumph, but they might likewise end up being corrupt and overbearing, leading to their eventual failure. This quote works as a pointer that success can be fleeting, which one need to be mindful of the consequences of their actions. It likewise acts as a caution that even the most successful individuals can be undone by their own triumphes.

About the Author

John Dryden This quote is written / told by John Dryden between August 9, 1631 and May 12, 1700. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 48 other quotes.

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