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Every actor I know wants to be a pop star

"Every actor I know wants to be a pop star"

- Michael Hutchence

About this Quote

In this quote, Michael Hutchence is expressing his observation that lots of actors desire end up being pop stars. This could be translated in a few different methods. On one hand, it could be viewed as a commentary on the existing state of the entertainment industry, where being an effective pop star frequently brings more fame and fortune than being a successful actor. On the other hand, it might also be viewed as a reflection of the desire for imaginative expression and flexibility among stars, who may see music as another outlet for their skills. In general, this quote highlights the crossover and overlap between various types of art and the aspirations of those in the show business.

About the Author

Michael Hutchence This quote is written / told by Michael Hutchence between January 22, 1960 and November 22, 1997. He was a famous Musician from Australia. The author also have 24 other quotes.

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