Famous quote by Jeremy Bentham

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Every law is an infraction of liberty

"Every law is an infraction of liberty"

- Jeremy Bentham

About this Quote

This quote by Jeremy Bentham recommends that any law, no matter how well-intentioned, is a limitation of freedom. He indicates that laws are required to keep order and secure people, however that they come at a cost. Bentham's quote is a suggestion that laws are not constantly beneficial and can sometimes be oppressive. He recommends that laws ought to be thoroughly considered and just executed when absolutely necessary. This quote is a reminder that laws ought to be utilized moderately and with caution, as they can have a negative effect on individual liberty. Bentham's quote is a reminder that laws ought to be used to protect residents, not to limit their liberty.

About the Author

Jeremy Bentham This quote is written / told by Jeremy Bentham between February 15, 1748 and June 6, 1832. He was a famous Philosopher from England. The author also have 16 other quotes.

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