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Every orientation presupposes a disorientation

"Every orientation presupposes a disorientation"

- Hans Magnus Enzensberger

About this Quote

This quote by Hans Magnus Enzensberger suggests that for every orientation, or instructions, there is a corresponding disorientation, or lack of direction. This idea suggests that for each action, there is an equivalent and opposite reaction. Simply put, for each advance, there is an action back. This concept can be used to many aspects of life, from individual relationships to expert endeavors.

For instance, when an individual remains in a relationship, they might feel a sense of orientation, or direction, in their life. Nevertheless, when that relationship ends, they may feel a sense of disorientation, or lack of instructions. Similarly, when an individual succeeds in their career, they may feel a sense of orientation, however when they experience a problem, they might feel a sense of disorientation.

This quote by Hans Magnus Enzensberger is a pointer that life is full of ups and downs, which for every single orientation, there is a matching disorientation. It is very important to remember that these disorientations are just as essential as the orientations, which they can provide valuable lessons and chances for development.

About the Author

Hans Magnus Enzensberger This quote is written / told by Hans Magnus Enzensberger somewhere between November 11, 1929 and today. He was a famous Author from Germany. The author also have 2 other quotes.

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