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Everyone says Im like the girl next door... Yall must have really weird neighbors!

"Everyone says I'm like the girl next door... Y'all must have really weird neighbors!"

- Kelly Clarkson

About this Quote

This quote by Kelly Clarkson is a funny method of expressing her shock at the contrast of her to the "woman next door". She is implying that if she is like the girl next door, then the people who are making the comparison must have odd neighbors. She is most likely satirizing the concept that she is a common, average person, when in truth she is an effective singer and songwriter. The quote is a humorous method of expressing her shock at the comparison and her distinct identity. It is also a way of expressing her confidence in her own identity and her refusal to be put into a box. She takes pride in who she is and does not want to be compared to anybody else.

About the Author

Kelly Clarkson This quote is written / told by Kelly Clarkson somewhere between April 24, 1982 and today. She was a famous Musician from USA. The author also have 8 other quotes.

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