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Facts are counterrevolutionary

"Facts are counterrevolutionary"

- Eric Hoffer

About this Quote

"Realities are counterrevolutionary" is a quote by Eric Hoffer, an American philosopher and author understood for his thoughts on mass motions and social modification. In this quote, Hoffer is making an observation about the nature of realities and their relationship to revolutionary movements.

Analyzing this quote, one can comprehend that Hoffer is suggesting that facts often stand in opposition to advanced concepts or movements. Revolutionaries tend to promote transformation, which may need them to challenge or overlook recognized truths or realities in order to advance their cause. In this sense, facts can be seen as counterrevolutionary, as they may hinder or slow down the development of an innovative movement.

Furthermore, advanced motions typically count on sob stories and idealistic visions to mobilize and influence people. Truths, being objective and reasonable by nature, can counterbalance these psychological stories, possibly undermining the momentum of a revolution.

In summary, the quote "Facts are counterrevolutionary" by Eric Hoffer highlights the capacity for realities to challenge or impede innovative movements, as they can counter psychological narratives and accentuate the complexities of truth that may not line up with the goals of the revolutionaries.

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Eric Hoffer This quote is written / told by Eric Hoffer between July 25, 1902 and May 21, 1983. He was a famous Writer from USA. The author also have 85 other quotes.

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