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Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt

"Fear is the tax that conscience pays to guilt"

- George Sewell

About this Quote

This quote by George Sewell recommends that fear is a natural consequence of guilt. It implies that when we do something incorrect, our conscience will make us feel guilty and this guilt will manifest itself as fear. This fear can be of the repercussions of our actions, of being caught, or of being judged by others. It is a tip that our conscience will constantly exist to advise us of our misbehaviors and that we will have to pay the price for our mistakes. Worry is the price we pay for our regret and it is a suggestion that we need to constantly strive to do the best thing.

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England Flag This quote is written / told by George Sewell somewhere between August 31, 1924 and today. He was a famous Actor from England. The author also have 1 other quotes.

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