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Feminists dont like me, and I dont like them

"Feminists don't like me, and I don't like them"

- Mel Gibson

About this Quote

This quote by Mel Gibson reflects a typical sentiment amongst those who are not feminists. It indicates that feminists are declining of him and his beliefs, and he in turn is not accepting of theirs. This could be due to a misunderstanding of what feminism is, or a lack of knowledge about the movement. It could also be due to a sensation of being threatened by the concept of gender equality, or a worry of losing power and opportunity. Whatever the reason, this quote shows a lack of understanding and approval of the feminist motion. It is necessary to remember that feminism is about equality and respect for all genders, and that it is not about hating men or wishing to take away their power. It is about producing a society where everyone is dealt with equally and with regard.

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Mel Gibson This quote is written / told by Mel Gibson somewhere between January 3, 1956 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 18 other quotes.

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