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For me, the greatest obstacles are never on the ice itself. Thats the area I excel in. Thats where my passion is.

"For me, the greatest obstacles are never on the ice itself. That's the area I excel in. That's where my passion is. I think we all strive to push ourselves, to overcome our struggles. And when we do, we get to know ourselves better"

- Ann Bancroft

About this Quote

This quote by Ann Bancroft talks with the concept that the best challenges we encounter in life are not always physical, yet rather mental. She suggests that while she masters physical activities, such as ice skating, the real obstacle depends on pushing ourselves to overcome our battles and to learn more about ourselves much better. This talks with the idea that the best development comes from conquering our very own personal barriers, which it is only through this process that we can truly comprehend ourselves. Bancroft's words advise us that the best difficulty is typically within ourselves, and that it is just with encountering our very own battles that we can truly expand and also come to be the best variation of ourselves.

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Ann Bancroft This quote is written / told by Ann Bancroft somewhere between September 29, 1955 and today. She was a famous Explorer from USA. The author also have 15 other quotes.

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