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Happiness? No, its not there for me

"Happiness? No, it's not there for me"

- Robert Mapplethorpe

About this Quote

This quote by Robert Mapplethorpe speaks with the concept that joy is not a guaranteed result in life. It suggests that regardless of our best efforts, we may not constantly find the joy and contentment we look for. This could be due to a range of elements, such as external scenarios, personal battles, or an absence of self-awareness. It could also be a reflection of Mapplethorpe's own life experiences, which were often filled with problem and tragedy. The quote indicates that joy is not something that can be considered given, and that it needs to be actively looked for and worked for. It is a tip that life is not constantly easy, and that we must be willing to put in the effort to find our own joy.

About the Author

Robert Mapplethorpe This quote is written / told by Robert Mapplethorpe between November 4, 1946 and March 9, 1989. He was a famous Photographer from USA. The author also have 34 other quotes.

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