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He does it with better grace, but I do it more natural

"He does it with better grace, but I do it more natural"

- William Shakespeare

About this Quote

This quote from William Shakespeare's play As You Like It is spoken by the character Rosalind. She is comparing herself to her cousin Orlando, who is a knowledgeable and stylish dancer. Rosalind is saying that although Orlando might have the ability to carry out the dance with more grace and skill, she is able to do it more naturally and without as much effort. This quote speaks to the idea that often it is better to be natural and simple and easy in our actions, instead of trying too hard to be best. It also talks to the idea that everyone has their own distinct skills and capabilities, and that it is necessary to recognize and appreciate those distinctions. Rosalind is suggesting that although Orlando may be much better at dancing, she is better at being herself.

About the Author

William Shakespeare This quote is written / told by William Shakespeare between April 26, 1564 and April 23, 1616. He was a famous Dramatist from England. The author also have 172 other quotes.

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