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I am proud to be known to the world as the founder of the Illuminati

"I am proud to be known to the world as the founder of the Illuminati"

- Adam Weishaupt

About this Quote

Adam Weishaupt was a German theorist and creator of the secret society known as the Illuminati. His quote shows his pride in being understood to the world as the creator of the Illuminati. This quote talks to Weishaupt's ambition and his desire to be remembered for his achievements. It also reflects his belief in the value of the Illuminati and its objective to promote knowledge and understanding. Weishaupt was a strong advocate for the Enlightenment and thought that the Illuminati could help cause a more enlightened society. He was passionate about his work and wanted to be remembered for his contributions to the world. His quote is a testimony to his devotion and commitment to the cause of the Illuminati.

About the Author

Adam Weishaupt This quote is written / told by Adam Weishaupt between February 6, 1748 and November 18, 1830. He was a famous Clergyman from Germany. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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