Famous quote by Mercedes McCambridge

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I am responsible for no one but myself

"I am responsible for no one but myself"

- Mercedes McCambridge

About this Quote

In this quote, Mercedes McCambridge is revealing her belief that she is exclusively responsible for her own actions and wellness. She is not responsible for anybody else's choices or actions. This statement highlights the value of individual accountability and self-reliance. McCambridge is highlighting the idea that each individual is in control of their own life and need to take ownership of their choices and their consequences. This quote also suggests that McCambridge values self-reliance and does not want to be strained by the actions or expectations of others. Overall, this quote reflects a strong sense of self-awareness and a determination to organize one's own life.

About the Author

Mercedes McCambridge This quote is written / told by Mercedes McCambridge between March 16, 1916 and March 2, 2004. She was a famous Actress from USA. The author also have 36 other quotes.

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