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I did not bring Deism into Bavaria

"I did not bring Deism into Bavaria"

- Adam Weishaupt

About this Quote

Adam Weishaupt was a German thinker and founder of the Bavarian Illuminati, a secret culture that looked for to advertise rationalism as well as oppose superstition as well as spiritual influence in public life. In this quote, Weishaupt is rejecting any type of participation in introducing Deism to Bavaria. Deism is a thoughtful idea that emphasizes the presence of a higher power, but does not necessarily involve any kind of details religious doctrine. Weishaupt was an advocate of Enlightenment ideals, which looked for to test typical religious beliefs as well as promote making use of reason as well as scientific research. By denying any participation in presenting Deism to Bavaria, Weishaupt was most likely attempting to distance himself from any type of spiritual organizations and emphasize his commitment to Enlightenment ideals. Weishaupt's quote is an instance of his devotion to the Enlightenment and also his rejection of conventional faiths.

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Adam Weishaupt This quote is written / told by Adam Weishaupt between February 6, 1748 and November 18, 1830. He was a famous Clergyman from Germany. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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