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I do a lot of readings

"I do a lot of readings"

- Paul Muldoon

About this Quote

In this quote, poet Paul Muldoon is revealing his frequent engagement in the act of reading. As a writer, it is vital for Muldoon to constantly consume literature in order to expand his knowledge and sharpen his craft. By stating that he does "a lot" of readings, Muldoon stresses the value of this practice in his life. It also recommends that he is a dedicated and diligent reader, continuously looking for new product to motivate and inform his own writing. This quote highlights the worth of reading as a method of growth and development, especially for those in the innovative field.

About the Author

Paul Muldoon This quote is written / told by Paul Muldoon somewhere between June 20, 1951 and today. He was a famous Poet from England. The author also have 21 other quotes.

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