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I dont believe in morality in architecture

"I don't believe in morality in architecture"

- Michael Graves

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Michael Graves, a prominent American designer, shared his shock in the idea of principles in style. This declaration implies that he does rule out honest or moral principles as the essential element of building layout. Instead, Graves highlights the importance of an aesthetically pleasing design that meets the practical demands of the space. He believes that design ought to be judged entirely on its artistic qualities and also ability to create a psychological connection with the customer, and also not on its adherence to honest principles. In essence, Graves is promoting for the concept that architectural design should be approached from a purely imaginative viewpoint, without the restraints of ethical or practical problems.

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Michael Graves This quote is written / told by Michael Graves between July 9, 1934 and March 12, 2015. He was a famous Architect from USA. The author also have 8 other quotes.

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