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I dont think anyones ever thought I was a drug dealer

"I don't think anyone's ever thought I was a drug dealer"

- Jason Mewes

About this Quote

In this quote, Jason Mewes is expressing his shock that anyone would ever mistake him for a drug dealer. He is likely known for his role as Jay in the popular motion picture franchise "Jay and Silent Bob," where his character is often depicted as a drug user and dealer. Nevertheless, Mewes is stating that this is simply a character he plays and not a reflection of his reality. He is highlighting that he has actually never participated in any prohibited activities and finds it amusing that people may believe otherwise based on his on-screen personality. Overall, Mewes is asserting his innocence and distancing himself from any negative associations.

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USA Flag This quote is written / told by Jason Mewes somewhere between June 12, 1974 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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