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I hate gold. Im sort of a sterling-silver guy

"I hate gold. I'm sort of a sterling-silver guy"

- Michael Vartan

About this Quote

In this quote, actor Michael Vartan expresses his dislike for gold and reveals that he prefers sterling silver rather. This statement might be translated in a few various ways. On one hand, it could just indicate that Vartan does not like the color or appearance of gold and discovers silver to be more visually appealing. On the other hand, it might also recommend that he has an individual choice for silver over gold, maybe due to its viewed worth or symbolism. Furthermore, making use of the expression "sterling-silver guy" could imply that Vartan identifies with the qualities frequently connected with silver, such as elegance, elegance, and understated luxury. In general, this quote offers a glance into Vartan's personal design and taste, while likewise leaving space for private analysis.

About the Author

France Flag This quote is written / told by Michael Vartan somewhere between February 27, 1968 and today. He was a famous Actor from France. The author also have 4 other quotes.

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