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I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesnt like to miss or lose

"I have my flaws too, but I am a professional who doesn't like to miss or lose"

- Cristiano Ronaldo

About this Quote

Cristiano Ronaldo is an expert athlete who is known for his dedication and effort. He is a role model for numerous aspiring professional athletes and his quote reflects his dedication to excellence. He acknowledges that he has defects, however he is figured out to not let them get in the way of his success. He is determined to not miss or lose, and he is willing to put in the effort and commitment to make sure that he is successful. He is a leader and an example of what it takes to be effective in any field. He is a reminder that effort and devotion can lead to success, no matter what defects one may have. He is a reminder that with the best attitude and decision, anything is possible.

About the Author

Cristiano Ronaldo This quote is written / told by Cristiano Ronaldo somewhere between February 5, 1985 and today. He was a famous Athlete from Portugal. The author also have 12 other quotes.

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