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I hold this as a rule of life: too much of anything is bad

"I hold this as a rule of life: too much of anything is bad"

- Terence

About this Quote

This quote by Terence is a tip to us that moderation is type in life. Too much of anything can be harmful to our wellbeing, whether it be too much work, excessive food, or excessive of anything else. It is necessary to find a balance in between delighting in something and overindulging. Excessive of anything can lead to unfavorable consequences, such as illness, financial concerns, or perhaps emotional distress. It is necessary to recognize when we are exaggerating something and take steps to bring balance back into our lives. This quote works as a pointer to us that excessive of anything is bad and that small amounts is crucial.

About the Author

Terence This quote is written / told by Terence between 185 BC and 159 BC. He was a famous Playwright from Rome. The author also have 33 other quotes.

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