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I just want to be written about as a normal artist

"I just want to be written about as a normal artist"

- Robert Mapplethorpe

About this Quote

In this quote, Robert Mapplethorpe reveals his desire to be acknowledged and kept in mind simply as an artist, with no included labels or debates. He wants his work to be valued for its artistic value, instead of being overshadowed by his personal life or any societal expectations. Mapplethorpe's declaration highlights the struggle of numerous artists to be seen and accepted for their craft, instead of being specified by external factors. It also talks to the concept of wanting to be seen as a "regular" individual, rather than being constantly scrutinized or sensationalized. Overall, Mapplethorpe's words convey a longing for creative acknowledgment and a desire to be kept in mind for his talent and imagination.

About the Author

Robert Mapplethorpe This quote is written / told by Robert Mapplethorpe between November 4, 1946 and March 9, 1989. He was a famous Photographer from USA. The author also have 34 other quotes.

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