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I keep saying the word weird over and over again, but its the only way I can describe it

"I keep saying the word "weird" over and over again, but it's the only way I can describe it"

- Chuck Klosterman

About this Quote

In this quote, Chuck Klosterman is expressing his struggle to find the ideal words to describe something. He repeats the word "unusual" since it is the closest term he can think about to catch the essence of what he is trying to communicate. This might suggest that the subject he is describing is hard to articulate or perhaps even beyond words. The repetition of "weird" also highlights the strength of his feelings towards this thing, as if it is so unusual and unusual that it defies explanation. Overall, this quote highlights the constraints of language and the aggravation that includes attempting to reveal complex ideas.

About the Author

USA Flag This quote is written / told by Chuck Klosterman somewhere between July 5, 1972 and today. He/she was a famous Critic from USA. The author also have 23 other quotes.

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