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I like protective men, the type wholl put an arm around me so I can be smothered

"I like protective men, the type who'll put an arm around me so I can be smothered"

- Katie Price

About this Quote

This quote by Katie Price recommends that she delights in the feeling of being secured and cared for by a man. She is attracted to men who are protective and will take the effort to put an arm around her, providing her with a sense of security and convenience. This type of habits is indicative of a strong psychological connection in between two individuals, as it is a gesture of love and closeness. It is likewise a sign of trust, as the guy is enabling her to be close to him and is showing her that he is willing to protect her. This quote suggests that Katie Price values the feeling of being taken care of and protected by a guy, which she is looking for someone who will supply her with that feeling.

About the Author

England Flag This quote is written / told by Katie Price somewhere between May 22, 1978 and today. He/she was a famous Model from England. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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