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I prefer insomnia to anaesthesia

"I prefer insomnia to anaesthesia"

- Antonio Tabucchi

About this Quote

In this quote, Antonio Tabucchi reveals his preference for insomnia over anaesthesia. Sleeping disorders describes the failure to sleep, while anaesthesia is a state of temporary loss of experience or consciousness. By mentioning his preference for sleeping disorders, Tabucchi may be indicating that he values being awake and conscious, even if it means compromising the rest and relaxation that includes sleep. This might suggest that he discovers more value in experiencing life and its ups and downs, rather than numbing himself to it through anaesthesia. It could also reflect his desire for a heightened sense of awareness and consciousness in his every day life.

About the Author

Antonio Tabucchi This quote is written / told by Antonio Tabucchi between September 23, 1943 and March 25, 2012. He was a famous Writer from Italy. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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