Famous quote by Barnett Newman

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I prefer to leave the paintings to speak for themselves

"I prefer to leave the paintings to speak for themselves"

- Barnett Newman

About this Quote

This quote by Barnett Newman speaks with the power of art to communicate without the need for words. He believes that the artwork itself is enough to communicate the artist's message and that it must be allowed to do so without the need for description. This is a belief shared by many artists, who feel that their work ought to be allowed to base on its own and be interpreted by the viewer without the requirement for additional description. Newman's quote speaks with the idea that art is an effective form of interaction which it ought to be respected and valued for its capability to speak without words. He thinks that the art work should be allowed to promote itself which it ought to be permitted to do so without the requirement for analysis or explanation.

About the Author

USA Flag This quote is written / told by Barnett Newman between January 29, 1905 and July 4, 1970. He/she was a famous Artist from USA. The author also have 2 other quotes.

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