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I started playing guitar kind of by accident

"I started playing guitar kind of by accident"

- Ryan Cabrera

About this Quote

This quote from Ryan Cabrera recommends that he did not at first plan to become a musician. Instead, he stumbled upon the guitar and discovered that he had a natural talent for it. This could suggest that he found a guitar lying around and decided to provide it a try, or that he was encouraged by somebody else to choose it up and learn. In any case, it appears that he was surprised by his own ability and chose to pursue music as a profession. This quote is a testament to the power of chance and how it can lead us to unanticipated opportunities. It also speaks with the importance of taking dangers and trying new things, as it can result in unexpected success.

About the Author

Ryan Cabrera This quote is written / told by Ryan Cabrera somewhere between July 18, 1982 and today. He was a famous Musician from USA. The author also have 11 other quotes.

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