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I think the rocknroll myth of living on the edge is a pile of crap

"I think the rock'n'roll myth of living on the edge is a pile of crap"

- Robert Smith

About this Quote

In this quote, Robert Smith is expressing his hesitation towards the popular belief that rockstars live recklessly and dangerously. He recommends that the concept of living on the edge is a made principle, frequently glorified by media and fans to make rock 'n' roll appear more amazing and attractive. Moreover, Smith suggests that the supposed risk-taking and unpredictability of rockstars are nothing but a facade. Instead, he is more focused on the art and creativity of music-making and chooses to live a more stable and grounded life. Overall, the quote suggests that Smith is important of the rock 'n' roll way of life and what it represents in the public eye.

About the Author

England Flag This quote is written / told by Robert Smith somewhere between April 21, 1959 and today. He/she was a famous Musician from England. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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