Famous quote by Gabriela Sabatini

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I want not, that everybody hears about. Then I cant longer be myself

"I want not, that everybody hears about. Then I can't longer be myself"

- Gabriela Sabatini

About this Quote

In this quote, Gabriela Sabatini expresses her desire for personal privacy and the freedom to be herself without the constant scrutiny of others. She does not want her every move and thought to be known by everyone, as it would limit her ability to really be authentic and genuine. Sabatini values her uniqueness and the capability to make her own choices without the pressure of popular opinion. This quote highlights the significance of personal boundaries and the need for privacy in order to preserve one's real self. It also speaks to the pressure and expectations that included fame and public attention.

About the Author

Argentina Flag This quote is written / told by Gabriela Sabatini somewhere between May 16, 1970 and today. She was a famous Athlete from Argentina. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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