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I wish I could be elegant

"I wish I could be elegant"

- Robert Mapplethorpe

About this Quote

This quote by Robert Mapplethorpe speaks with the desire to be seen as graceful and fine-tuned. It recommends that he feels he is doing not have in some way and wants he might be more refined and advanced. It could be translated as a longing for a greater level of sophistication and grace, or a desire to be seen as more refined and cultured. It might likewise be translated as a desire to be viewed as more appealing and desirable. The quote could be viewed as a reflection of Mapplethorpe's own insecurities and a desire to be accepted and valued for his talents and accomplishments. Ultimately, this quote speaks with the universal desire to be viewed as classy and stylish, and to be accepted and valued for who we are.

About the Author

Robert Mapplethorpe This quote is written / told by Robert Mapplethorpe between November 4, 1946 and March 9, 1989. He was a famous Photographer from USA. The author also have 34 other quotes.

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