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Ideas are the root of creation

"Ideas are the root of creation"

- Ernest Dimnet

About this Quote

This quote by Ernest Dimnet speaks to the power of concepts and how they can be used to produce something new. Ideas are the structure of any imaginative undertaking, whether it be a painting, a song, a book, or a service. Concepts are the spark that fires up the creative process and enables us to bring something new into the world. Concepts are the source of motivation and the driving force behind any effective venture. Without concepts, there would be no production. Ideas are the root of development, and they are the key to unlocking our potential and achieving our objectives. Ideas are the foundation of development and the key to unlocking our potential. They are the starting point for any innovative venture and the source of our inspiration. Ideas are the root of creation, and they are the key to opening our capacity and attaining our objectives.

About the Author

Ernest Dimnet This quote is written / told by Ernest Dimnet between November 11, 1866 and April 15, 1954. He was a famous Priest from France. The author also have 10 other quotes.

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