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Im a normal teen-ager except for my size

"I'm a normal teen-ager except for my size"

- Dana Hill

About this Quote

Dana Hill was an American actress and voice actress who was known for her roles in movies such as National Lampoon's European Vacation and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. In this quote, she is referring to her size, which was smaller sized than the typical teen-ager. She is implying that she is a regular teen-ager in every other method, however her size sets her apart. This could be translated as a declaration of pride, as she takes pride in her size and does not let it define her. It might likewise be analyzed as a declaration of acceptance, as she is accepting of her size and does not let it hold her back. In either case, it is an effective declaration that talks to the value of self-acceptance and self-love.

About the Author

Dana Hill This quote is written / told by Dana Hill between May 6, 1964 and July 15, 1996. She was a famous Actress from USA. The author also have 11 other quotes.

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