Famous quote by Hugh Leonard

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Im a writer, and what I do is write. I wasnt able to do anything else

"I'm a writer, and what I do is write. I wasn't able to do anything else"

- Hugh Leonard

About this Quote

In this quote, Hugh Leonard, a writer, is revealing his enthusiasm and commitment to his craft. He states that his sole function and talent is writing, and he is unable to do anything else. This might be interpreted as a reflection of his deep love for composing and his belief that it is his real calling in life. It likewise highlights the concept that writers are frequently driven by an inner obsession to develop and share their ideas and ideas through the composed word. Leonard's words work as a reminder of the power and value of following one's enthusiasm and utilizing one's distinct skills to make a meaningful effect in the world.

About the Author

Hugh Leonard This quote is written / told by Hugh Leonard between November 9, 1926 and February 12, 2009. He was a famous Dramatist from Ireland. The author also have 19 other quotes.

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