Famous quote by Robert Mapplethorpe

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Im looking for the unexpected. Im looking for things Ive never seen before

"I'm looking for the unexpected. I'm looking for things I've never seen before"

- Robert Mapplethorpe

About this Quote

In this quote, photographer Robert Mapplethorpe expresses his desire to continuously look for new and distinct experiences. He is not content with the familiar or the regular, but instead yearns for the unexpected and the unknown. Mapplethorpe's words suggest a deep interest and a thirst for knowledge and exploration. He is not satisfied with merely capturing what is already known or seen, however rather seeks to press borders and discover new viewpoints. This quote talks to the artist's unrelenting pursuit of imagination and his desire to step beyond his convenience zone in order to catch something really remarkable.

About the Author

Robert Mapplethorpe This quote is written / told by Robert Mapplethorpe between November 4, 1946 and March 9, 1989. He was a famous Photographer from USA. The author also have 34 other quotes.

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