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Im the last guy in the world to feel overlooked by the Academy

"I'm the last guy in the world to feel overlooked by the Academy"

- Jack Nicholson

About this Quote

Jack Nicholson is a legendary star who has actually been chosen for twelve Academy Awards, winning three. His quote, "I'm the last guy on the planet to feel overlooked by the Academy", is a testament to his success and recognition in the movie industry. He is indicating that he has been so effective and widely known that he is the last person who would feel neglected by the Academy. He is revealing his self-confidence in his own skill and the recognition he has actually received from the Academy. Nicholson is also revealing his humility and appreciation for the awards he has won. He is grateful for the acknowledgment he has actually received and is proud of his achievements. His quote is a pointer of his success and the regard he has actually made from the Academy.

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Jack Nicholson This quote is written / told by Jack Nicholson somewhere between April 22, 1937 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 43 other quotes.

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