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In praise there is more obtrusiveness than in blame

"In praise there is more obtrusiveness than in blame"

- Friedrich Nietzsche

About this Quote

Friedrich Nietzsche's quote, "In appreciation there is more obtrusiveness than in blame," suggests that praising others can be more invasive or burdensome than criticizing them. Nietzsche was pointing out that praising someone is typically more difficult than discovering fault with them. When we applaud someone, we express our adoration and approval of their actions, which can develop high expectations and put pressure on them to keep a level of excellence. On the other hand, criticism is typically concentrated on what a person must change and surpass, creating less expectations. In essence, Nietzsche is highlighting the intricacy of applauding people and just how much more weight it brings in contrast to merely slamming them.

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Friedrich Nietzsche This quote is written / told by Friedrich Nietzsche between October 15, 1844 and August 25, 1900. She was a famous Philosopher from Germany. The author also have 185 other quotes.

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