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In the U.S the right is very wide. From Neo cons to almost Anarchist

"In the U.S the right is very wide. From Neo con's to almost Anarchist"

- Tom Metzger

About this Quote

This quote by Tom Metzger is referring to the political spectrum in the United States. He is stating that the series of political ideologies in the U.S. is very broad, ranging from Neo-Conservatives to practically Anarchists. Neo-Conservatives are generally associated with right-wing politics, promoting for a strong military, free-market industrialism, and standard worths. Anarchists, on the other hand, are typically connected with left-wing politics, promoting for the abolition of federal government and the facility of a stateless society. This quote is highlighting the variety of political ideologies in the U.S., and how the range of beliefs is so large that it encompasses both Neo-Conservatives and Anarchists. This quote is also highlighting the importance of comprehending the different political ideologies in the U.S. in order to have a better understanding of the political landscape.

About the Author

Tom Metzger This quote is written / told by Tom Metzger somewhere between April 9, 1938 and today. He was a famous Celebrity from USA. The author also have 25 other quotes.

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