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It is not necessary for eagles to be crows

"It is not necessary for eagles to be crows"

- Sitting Bull

About this Quote

In this quote, Sitting Bull is revealing the idea that it is not needed for people to conform to social expectations or standards. He utilizes the metaphor of eagles and crows to show this point. Eagles are known for their strength, grace, and majesty, while crows are typically viewed as typical and plain birds. By stating that it is not needed for eagles to be crows, Sitting Bull is stressing the importance of welcoming one's special qualities and not trying to fit into an established mold. He encourages individuals to embrace their own strengths and individuality, rather than complying with societal expectations.

About the Author

Sitting Bull This quote is written / told by Sitting Bull between July 2, 1831 and December 15, 1890. He was a famous Statesman from USA. The author also have 33 other quotes.

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