Famous quote by Claudette Colbert

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It matters more whats in a womans face than whats on it

"It matters more what's in a woman's face than what's on it"

- Claudette Colbert

About this Quote

This quote by Claudette Colbert speaks with the significance of inner charm over physical beauty. It suggests that what is inside a female's body and soul is more vital than her physical look. It is a pointer that charm is more than skin deep which real charm comes from within. It is a pointer that a lady's character, personality, and worths are more important than her physical features. It is a suggestion that a woman's inner appeal is what genuinely matters and that it is more vital than any makeup or clothes she might use. It is a tip that a woman's inner appeal is what will really last which it is better than any physical beauty.

About the Author

France Flag This quote is written / told by Claudette Colbert between September 13, 1903 and June 30, 1996. She was a famous Actress from France. The author also have 8 other quotes.

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