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Its the job of intellectuals and writers to cast doubt on perfection

"It's the job of intellectuals and writers to cast doubt on perfection"

- Antonio Tabucchi

About this Quote

This quote by Antonio Tabucchi talks to the significance of critical thinking and the function of intellectuals and authors in society. Tabucchi is recommending that it is the responsibility of intellectuals and authors to challenge the idea of perfection and to question the status quo. He is motivating them to think seriously and to challenge accepted beliefs and norms. This is important due to the fact that it allows for progress and growth, and it helps to guarantee that society does not become stagnant. Tabucchi is likewise recommending that perfection is an impression which it is essential to acknowledge this. By questioning excellence, intellectuals and writers can assist to create a more open and accepting society.

About the Author

Antonio Tabucchi This quote is written / told by Antonio Tabucchi between September 23, 1943 and March 25, 2012. He was a famous Writer from Italy. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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