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Kids are at my level. I like goofing around with them

"Kids are at my level. I like goofing around with them"

- John Goodman

About this Quote

In this quote, star John Goodman expresses his fondness for kids and their capability to get in touch with him on a personal level. He enjoys spending quality time with them and taking part in spirited activities, which he describes as "goofing around." This recommends that Goodman sees children as equates to, instead of viewing them as inferior or less intelligent. He likely discovers joy in their innocence and carefree nature, and appreciates the simplicity and fun that comes with connecting with them. In general, this quote showcases Goodman's warm and playful character, as well as his genuine love for children.

About the Author

John Goodman This quote is written / told by John Goodman somewhere between June 20, 1952 and today. He was a famous Actor from USA. The author also have 24 other quotes.

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