Famous quote by Julia Louis-Dreyfus

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Making a movie is a long, dull process. Theres a lot of waiting around

"Making a movie is a long, dull process. There's a lot of waiting around"

- Julia Louis-Dreyfus

About this Quote

This quote by Julia Louis-Dreyfus speaks to the truth of making a motion picture. It is a long and tiresome process that involves a great deal of waiting. This is because there are lots of steps associated with the filmmaking procedure, from pre-production to post-production. During pre-production, filmmakers must plan out the whole film, from the script to the budget. During production, the actual shooting takes place, but there is still a great deal of waiting around for the ideal lighting, the best angle, and the ideal take. Throughout post-production, the video footage is edited and the noise is mixed. This is likewise a time-consuming process that requires a lot of persistence. All in all, making a movie is a long and frequently dull procedure that includes a lot of waiting.

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USA Flag This quote is written / told by Julia Louis-Dreyfus somewhere between January 13, 1961 and today. She was a famous Actress from USA. The author also have 30 other quotes.

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